A better world begins with one expanding heart. Start today.

Same Expandingheart.com site.  Same Expandingheart.com content.  Same free downloads of art, booklets, cards, songs and more.  Expandingheart.com is now designed for easy navigation.  My goal is for you to find what you want/need quickly over and over again.  It is a gift to be inspired to create this content.  I am thankful and enthusiastic about making it available to others.  The art work, music, writing, and web design are all expressions of this expanding heart, mine.  I offer my work to you, not for money, but with the hope you will pass the kindness on, in some way, to another.  In this way, we are expanding hearts.  A smile, a prayer, a kind word, a listening heart and ear, these are gifts we can freely give to one another.

We all can make a difference, one expanding heart at a time.

Please read (at least one time). This format may seem unusual, but easy access to content is this creative's purpose and it seems to organize best into 3 categories.  Please read what is available below and follow the links to pages rich with content. Enjoy.


ExpandingHeart.com includes: 

Free downloads - A Wide Variety of Art, , Colorful Blank Note Greeting Cards, Songs, and Inspirational Educational Booklets for Children, Teens and Adults.

 The content on Expandingheart.com is original work by "Mo" M.C.Gillis.  Inspired by life, all my work is from the heart.


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 Please leave all copyrights intact on printable materials. Thanks.


  AwesomeArtists.com includes:  

Free downloads -Art Education Materials: art booklets, posters, easy to follow lessons and more for personal use, classroom use and sharing with friends.

  All the Art Educational materials are designed with teachers and students in mind.  BOOKLETS include page after page of printable art lessons, easy to follow and illustrated in a manner that both kids and teachers will appreciate.  Some of the Art Education BOOKLETS you will find on Awesomeartists.com are:  The ABCs of Art-The Elements & Principles of Design made simple, A Mindful of Art -An Art Appreciation Game to be used with any and all art work you already have available, Clay Creations-How To Printable Lessons For  Clay and much more, Collage Basics and Lessons , Masks- Simple Paper and more, I Can't Draw...Until I Practice!-A Step by Step How To Draw Series, Getting Wired- Wire Sculpture with safety information included on each page.  You will also find Poster Size Prints of the Elements and Principles of Design and Poster Size Fun Cartoon Prints to teach Care of Materials and Basics of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Also find many more Art Lessons not mentioned here.

I am certified to teach Art Education: Grades K-12 in Texas, U.S.A. This content was developed while teaching hundreds of students weekly. I hope you find something useful that makes your life more.

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Please leave all copyrights intact on printable materials. Thanks.


 MoShowAndTell (a YouTube Channel) Plus More includes:

This page was made to assist Cho's Tae Kwon Do students study for their tests.  Also has link to Gardening tip videos made by this amateur, urban gardener in Houston, TX, U.S.A.


     Tae Kwon Do Test Study Materials (YouTube links)

 How to Videos - Basic Stances, Basic & Black Belt Patterns (Step by step), Kicking, Sparring Tips, Black Belt Review

     Tae Kwon Do Test Study Materials (mp3s)

 Audio format to study terminology & sayings associated with each pattern, and more

     Tae Kwon Do Test Study Materials (PDF)

 Flash cards (print & cut to size) to study terminology & sayings associated with each pattern, and more

     Tae Kwon Do Test Study Materials (PDF)

 8.5 x 11 Printable Page  to study terminology & sayings associated with each pattern, and more (Same as school handout)


     Gardening Tips (YouTube Link)

 Many gardening videos: Garden Tours, Growing herbs, What grows well in Houston, Texas, etc.

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If you are looking for a way to pay it forward, two solid charitable organizations I like to support are: 
 www.Results.org whose goal is to end poverty, and www.Kiva.org who empower people through micro-loans.
If you are interested, check out their websites.

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