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This page was made to assist Cho's Tae Kwon Do students study for their tests. You can go directly to the YouTube channel and explore or use the easy links below.  Each belt level has a pattern and saying that     must be mastered to move on to the next level. Each pattern has known techniques to practice and new ones to master.  The patterns have a wisdom of their own that can not be taught any other way. Mastering  patterns requires perseverance and patience. Qualities that are applicable in all areas of our lives. Happy practicing!


 Tae Kwon Do Test Study Materials (PDF)
    Terminology Study Sheet (8.5 x 11)  Printable Page  to study terminology & sayings associated with each pattern, numbers, aims, TKD pledge and more
     Terminology Study Flash Cards  Flash cards (print & cut to size) to study terminology & sayings associated with each pattern, numbers, aims, TKD pledge and more
     TKD How to Memorize Sayings by Mo (Video)  This is a YouTube Video on how to memorize. It is a skill that can be learned like any other.
 Tae Kwon Do Test Study Materials (mp3s)
 Each link below is in mp3 (audio) format to help you study for the definition part of the test... listen on computer, download to mp3 player(iPod), or make a CD & listen in your car.
Introduction Chon-Ji Dan-Gun Do-San
Won-Hyo Yul-Gok Joong-Gun Toi-Gye
Hwa-Rang Aims Numbers Other Terms
  Tae Kwon Do Test Study Materials (YouTube link)
 Link to TKD How to Videos by Mo - YouTube (ALL VIDEOS)


 Tae Kwon Do Test Study Materials (Quick Links to YouTube)
 These links will take you directly to the video so you don't get distracted. When you have time check out the MoShowAndTell channel. There is no limit to our capacity to learn.
 Basic Stances Reviewed  This is first lesson reviewed. The basic stances are the building block, the foundation upon which all other techniques are built. Practice over & over again.   All patterns have as their basis solid front stances and back stances.
 How to Tie a TKD Belt  Practice makes better. Parents and students can easily learn to tie a belt. This is one way.
 Pattern 1- Chon-Ji  - White Belt  First pattern. Learn all important front stance, back stance, down block and lunge punch.
 Pattern 2- Dan-Gun - Yellow Belt  Second pattern introduces more upper body techniques: knife-hand guarding, high punch, twin block, rising block, and down block-rising block combination. Still no kicks.
 Pattern 3- Do-San - Green Belt  Third pattern introduces outer forearm block-reverse punch combination, spear finger, x-block, wedging block, and front snap kick.
 Pattern 4- Won-Hyo - Green High  Fourth pattern utilizes a double block-strike-punch combo repeatedly, a side kick from a stand still position, circle block-kick-punch combination.
 Pattern 5- Yul-Guk - Blue Belt  Fifth pattern adds front stance knife strike, back leg side kick, elbow attack& two arm block.
 Pattern 6- Joong-Gun - Blue High  Sixth pattern adds many shifting stances instead of stepping, inside to out ridge hand strike, pushing block, upward elbow block, twin upset punch, high x block, hook punch, and pole block.
 Pattern 7- Toi-Gye - Brown Belt  Seventh pattern introduces low spear strike and grab, double high punch, double elbow attack, axe kick-x block-double back fist combo, twin ofset upset block, neck grab-knee attack, front leg front snap kick, low spear strike, back stance down block back fist combo, low x block & double straight arm block. 
 Pattern 8- Hwa-Rang - Brown High  Eighth pattern adds circular knife hand strike, 2 roundhouse kicks, and more shifting stances.
 Pattern 9- Choong Moo - Black Belt Recommend  Ninth pattern a front stance high knife strike and guard, high spear strike, jumping front snap kick , back stance open hand down block, front stance high ridge hand strike, roundhouse-back turning kick combo, feet together front snap kick, 360 jump, riding stance inner forearm back fist combo, back stance mid x block.
 Pattern 10- Gwang-Gae - Black Belt 1st Dan  Tenth pattern adds low side kick, a high spear-single upset punch combo, rear foot stance, double side kick from feet together stance, low arch hand strike, high arch hand throat grab. 
 You will also find on the MoShowAndTell channel a video that includes Chon-Ji through Hwa-Rang on one 10 minute video without instruction called "Black Belt Review".  I made the video to help students preparing for their Black Belt Recommended test, and those studying for 1st Dan Decided test. There are also videos on sparring tips, and kicking. Plus I have organized many favorite martial art videos found on YouTube.
 Tae Kwon Do Extra (PDF)
Testimony by Instructor Mo  This is a testimony my Grandmaster asked me to write. He often asked me to consider why Tae Kwon Do was important and what it meant to me. Writing helps clarify the thinking and knowing.
Gardening Tips from Amateur Urban Gardener in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. (YouTube Link)
 MoShowAndTell Channel - Gardening Tips link  Videos include garden tours, growing herbs, garden design, and many experiments on growing "stuff" in Houston, Texas.

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