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  About the Artist
  About the Artist (PDF) - A brief page about Artist/Author "Mo" M.C.Gillis author of expandingheart.com, awesomeartists.com and MoShowAndTell Youtube Channel
 Free Downloads - This section includes of original writings and art inspired, saved, compiled and organized into booklets. They are as polished as I am going to make them. Happy reading.
 Alphabet Whimsies This is a small sample, a few pages, of the current booklet I am working on. These whimsical, elaborately decorated ABCs will spark the imagination and ignite an interest in language and learning.
 Cosmic Dream Book This is not a children's story book, it's an adult story book. It's an imaginative cartoon telling of my journey as a late blooming flower child in the mid 1970s. (18.6 MB)  It's a black & white version. The color version did not survive as well as I. We are all on a journey. This is part of one.
 Keys To Success (full size) This booklet, for champions of all ages, expresses basic thoughts and ideas needed for living a successful life. The booklet includes say-aloud poems/raps and extras to learn values like respect, honesty, teamwork, kindness..., illustrated. (8.5 x 11)
 Keys To Success (half size)  Same as above only 2 per 8.5 x 11 page to make smaller booklets. (2- 5.5x8.5 per page)
 Making Friends With Emotional Monsters This booklet is mainly for Teens and Adults, but Children could benefit from many of the images that illuminate emotional understanding.  The booklet includes identification and classification of emotions, how emotional monsters come into being, plus strategies that help us respond in a more healthy way to our emotions.  This booklet is an illustrated documentation of how to make friends with emotional monsters, it is a  journey about Regaining Our Connection, Power and Place in the Universe. (6.4 MB)
 Truck Lovin" Boo Young children who love trucks will love this book. The booklet includes many illustrations accompanied by rhythmical phrases.  For best results:  Print landscape view, borderless (if possible). Card stock is best (65 lb.). A blank page can be used for the back cover.
 Self-Portraits: Part 1 / Part 2 Part 1(4.96 MB) and Part 2-(7.6 MB) This is a collection of self-portraits I have done through the years. Some are very simple and some are very deep.  Making self-portraits allowed exploration into questions like "Who am I?", "Why am I here?", What is my responsibility to myself, others, my community?".   A variety of media was used to create these self-portraits.

Cards: Assorted Blank Note - Free downloads - Click on thumbnail image for printable PDF to open.

 Free Downloads - This section includes original, colorful, whimsical blank note greeting card designs, and lists of sayings & ideas to write in your cards.  Borderless printing on quality, bright white card stock or photo paper will produce the best results.  Cosco sells Kirkland Professional glossy 150 per box-good value. The glossy side gives a quality print; the mat back side is a good writing surface.  I buy bulk envelopes, A9 (5 3/4 x 8 3/4)-24ww, from www.ActionEnvelope.com .  All designs are the original art work of "Mo" M.C.Gillis. The majority of the art is done in colored pencil.  I favor pencil, but like to experiment and learn about other media.
 Flowers & Insects:
 Landscapes & Trees:

 Sayings, Poems & Prayers:
 Other Related Printable Materials:  Ideas that you can write or perhaps these ideas will inspire you to write your own sayings.
  A Variety of Sayings to Write in Your Own Hand
A Sample of Sayings in Spanish & English
A Sample of Thank You from Around the World  
A Sample of Hellos from Around the World
A Sample of I Love You in Many Languages
Extra:  8.5" x 11" Print of the first 25 Heart designs above.  Heart Designs 1-25
This section includes free downloads of a small sample of original and reworked songs in various stages of development. With such a wide variety of interests, I juggle them.  Music is due to come back around.
 A Rainbow Bright  Words An optimistic song from my heart to yours.  I wrote this for my students so they would hear in song how important diversity is to our world.
 Change is Coming Soon  Words This song is about envisioning the changes we would like to see and be in ourselves and in the world. 
 Fight  Words This is a rough draft.  I have another version in the works, but how long that will take I can't say.  So keep that in mind as you listen. The pace of the song is fast to mimic the pace of an escalating argument.  The more communication skills improve, the less fighting takes place.
 Journey  Words This song needs to be re-recorded so it matches the updated lyrics in the PDF file. The new lyrics are a bit more thoughtful and indicate we all play a part in  the condition of our world and in where we would like it to go from here.  This song version has a bit of a blaming tone which has been removed with the updated words.
 Kick Out Those Troubles  Words This song reminds me to give the blues, troubles, a good boot, and not let fear, doubt, or worry get the better of me, and instead to grab a little peace of mind.
 The Circle Can Not Be Broken  Words This is not an original song of mine. The old spiritual tune is Will the Circle Be Unbroken?  I adapted the words so it rings more true to me when I sing it.  I know, in my heart of hearts, the Circle Can Not Be Broken.  We are all one.
 This Will Be The Last Time  Words Learning to love was often a struggle for me.  Especially when it came to loving myself.  It's easier all the way around now. It is a choice that gets easier and easier every time I make it.  This song is a little sad, but I know there is light at the end of every tunnel if we choose to open our eyes, hearts and minds.

The more we love, the more we can love. That is the foundational principle upon which expanding heart is built, yours and mine.

We all can make a difference, one expanding heart at a time.

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